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Hosting an Unpaid Experience

Thank you for your interest in hosting an unpaid educational experience within your department. UConn Health provides eligible individuals the opportunity to obtain unpaid training and practical work experience concurrently. Unpaid experiences may include: student affiliations, sanctioned programs, traditional volunteer assignments, job shadowing/observation and other assignments authorized by Human Resources.


There are five steps to hosting an unpaid experience.

Inquiry. The individual seeking an educational or career experience is responsible for securing a UConn Health host. Types of unpaid experiences include: Educational School Sponsored Student Experience, Educational Non-School Sponsored Experience, Shadowing, Academic Programs and Volunteer

Request. The UConn Health host submits an Unpaid Experience Request Form through Human Resources.

Review. Human Resources reviews the request and if approved, directs the host in the proper procedure. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing.

Process. The UConn Health host coordinates with the individual to ensure all appropriate requirements are completed prior to the educational experience.

File. The host is responsible for ensuring that all required documentation and training requirements are in place prior to the individual starting an educational experience.

Guide and Instructions

See the Host Guide for details regarding each step. Individuals interested in an unpaid experience at UConn Health must meet certain criteria and complete all required documentation prior to starting an experience.

Contracts, Documents and Orientation

Requirements vary based on the type of experience. Human Resources will guide the host on the necessary documents upon approval of the Request for Unpaid Experience form.

Educational School Sponsored/Affiliated Schools



Forms - Additional for Students Under 18 Years of Age

Required Orientation

Educational Non-School Sponsored


Forms - Additional for Students Under 18 Years of Age

Required Orientation


Academic Programs

Please visit the various program pages listed below to obtain information.


Please visit the Volunteering page for program information.

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Host Guide

Unpaid Experiences Host Guide: Print Version

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If you have any further questions on hosting an unpaid experience at UConn Health, contact Shannon Kelmelis