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Hosting an Unpaid Experience

Thank you for your interest in hosting an unpaid educational experience within your department. UConn Health provides eligible individuals the opportunity to obtain unpaid training and practical work experience concurrently. Unpaid experiences are authorized by Human Resources, must be in compliance with the Appropriate Use of Non-Compensated Individuals policy, and may include:

Participants are responsible for securing the host. As the host, you are responsible for ensuring that appropriate department manager approvals are obtained prior to agreeing to host. Participants of an unpaid experiences at UConn Health must meet certain criteria and complete all required documentation prior to starting an experience.

Special Note: the University recently announced a Protection of Minors Policy that describes a series of new expectations and practices for activities involving minors. In accordance with the policy, individuals under the age of 18 must be registered participants in a UConn Health sponsored program. Activities and programs involving minors must be sponsored by a unit within the University, must be registered with the University’s Minor Protection Coordinator and must comply with a series of standards to safeguard the welfare of participants. These requirements are in addition to the established UConn Health process and standards.

New! Dates and Deadlines for Unpaid Internship Requests

All requests must be received by 5 p.m. on the deadline date.

Internship Period Request Deadline
Spring January - May December 1
Summer June - August May 1
Fall September - January August 1

Requests may take up to four weeks to process. When determining an appropriate start date please consider additional time for dissemination and collection of onboarding materials. These deadlines do not apply to sanctioned affiliated programs.

Missed the Deadline? Requests that arrive after the above deadlines will only be considered on a case by case basis, as operational needs allow.


There are five steps to hosting an unpaid experience.

  1. Inquiry. The UConn Health host is contacted by the individual or his/her school to request an educational experience which include volunteer assignments, unpaid internships, job shadowing/observation, student affiliations and sanctioned programs.
  2. Request. The UConn Health host submits an Unpaid Experience Request Form through Human Resources.
  3. Review. Human Resources reviews the request according to policy and state and federal guidelines. If authorized, Human Resources sends the host the approved request and detailed onboarding information. Please allow 4 weeks for processing.
  4. Process. The UConn Health host coordinates with the individual to ensure all appropriate requirements are completed prior to the educational experience. Requirements include:
  5. File. The host is responsible for ensuring that all required forms and training requirements are in place prior to the individual starting an educational experience.

Background Check

Form: Background Information Sheet

Procedure: A completed criminal background check is required of all individuals participating in an Unpaid Educational Experience. There is a $75.00 fee for this service. If the student is a current UConn student, the fee is waived. If the individual has had a background check within the last year, it can be submitted for review to UConn Health Police. The background report must include the following: Statewide or county search, social security verification, national criminal search, federal criminal search (resident states only). If the report is accepted there is no fee to perform a new background check.

  • The host provides the Background Information Sheet and Social Security Administration Verification Form to the individual.
  • On average, it takes two weeks for an individual’s background check to clear.
  • Checks should be made payable to UConn Health. Transfer vouchers are accepted from host departments.
  • The host submits the completed Background Information Sheet along with payment, to UConn Health Police (Mail Code 3925) *Form must contain the host’s name and contact information.

Contracts, Forms and Orientation

Requirements vary based on the type of experience. Human Resources will guide the host on the necessary forms upon approval of the Request for Unpaid Experience form.


Please visit the Volunteering page for program information.

Unpaid Internships

Student Affiliations and Sanctioned Programs



Forms - Additional for Minors Participating in a Student Affiliated and/or Sanctioned Program

Required Orientation

Job Shadowing/Observation


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If you have any further questions on hosting an unpaid experience at UConn Health, contact

For more information on hosting a program or activity involving minors, visit the UConn Minor Protection page.